Striping Grass with a Walker Mower

December 16

Striping Grass with a Walker Mower

It’s the dream of many home owners / commercial mowers to create and maintain a beautiful lawn and the lawn stripes add to that appeal.

The stripes and variations really do stand out and make the grass look great. But how hard is it to achieve? One of the questions we receive quite frequently is about the striping ability of the Walker Mowers.

Why is the Walker so good at striping?

It all starts with the deck. If you are looking for a lawn mower that leaves a beautiful cut and those beautiful stripes, firstly, let’s look at how the lawn stripes and the right deck to do it..

“The reason stripes appear as they do, is as simple as the way the light reflects off the grass-blade. Blades bent towards you look dark, and blades bent the opposite way from you will appear lighter. All this means is you have to bend the grass blades opposing ways to create the stripe effect. The way to do this, is to mow your lawn in the direction you would like the stripes to face. For instance, if you want them running parallel to the curb, mow your lawn in this same pattern. Doing your first pass parallel with the curb and then turning around and mowing in the opposite direction for the next strip and visa versa.”


The striping ability of the Walker was not the focus in the beginning of the design process, but it’s the result of the deck being symmetrical, which lends itself to a good striping characteristic. This is true regardless of whether you have the standard rotation deck or the reverse rotation deck, the idea is that they are symmetrical underneath the deck and that creates an even and consistent striping pattern across the cut width.

One of the other benefits of the Walker decks style is that it stripes without the bulkiness and the inconvenience of having a striping roller on the back of the deck. Walker leaves beautiful stripes that attract attention to lawns, and it can do it without any additional equipment.

The ongoing challenge of trying to cut grass and do it well in a variety of grass conditions, climates, different moisture levels, and all of those things thrown into the mix it becomes quite challenging!

Why is the Walker family passionate about cutting grass and cutting it well?


This really started in the beginning with all the effort that went into the design. Most of the Walker deck design has been through trial and error and spending a lot of time running the machine. Walker is always looking to see how they can change the design, it’s an ongoing process, a process that will never end and Walker is willing to keep working at it. One of the things Walker has never compromised on is putting in the time and effort and making sure that the decks is as good as they can possibly make it.

Which Walker deck/machine do I need to stripe my lawn?


Walkers have been built with creating a beautiful lawn in mind and the lawn stripes come standard.

Each Walker Model and deck has the ability to create those stripes on your lawn… but how do you do it? You just mow using your Walker Mower…

So which Walker deck is right for me?


The Walker Mower has range of decks available. But what’s the difference?

Reverse rotation deck VS the standard rotation deck.

Walker Mowers 42 Inch Mowers

Standard Rotation Deck

Standard rotation blades come together at the front of the deck, moving material directly into the rear discharge chute. Standard rotation decks are ideal for users who need to collect thick, heavy clippings, including leaves and other yard debris.

Reverse rotation blades come together at the rear of the deck, moving material around the edges of the deck before it is channeled into the discharge chute. The simplified airflow design of reverse rotation decks provides exceptional cut quality, especially in the middle and in blade overlap.

Walker Mowers 42 Inch Mowers

Reverse Rotation Deck

A lot of people ask us what’s the right deck for me? Both decks are really good cutting decks and a lot of it comes down to the local climate and local grass types. To determine the right type of deck to use in your area, you really need a thorough product demonstration in your area and on your specific property.

Does Walker only have collection machines?


Walker has a huge range of versatile machines, they have the dedicated collection machines, but they also have a range of non-collect machines (Model B, Model R, and Model H).

The non-collect machines are compatible with a large range of side discharge and mulching decks as well as some larger rear discharge decks too! The non-collect decks also have the same qualities that the collection decks have and leave the beautiful stripes on the grass. Mulching kits can be fitted to some of the side discharge decks to leave a better cut as the blades cut the grass clippings up into smaller pieces that breakdown quickly and are less visible that grass clippings that have been side discharged.

Another great Walker deck is the three-in-one Multi Deck that can collect, mulch, and side discharge. This makes the machine much more versatile.

Ready to experience a Walker Mower and its supreme striping abilities on your property?

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