Model B and Mulching Deck Boosts Productivity and Saves Money

April 14

Welcome to the world of lawn care with Walker Mowers Australia! Meet Gavin, who has been a franchisee at V.I.P. Lawns & Gardens for over 30 years. Gavin is an expert when it comes to lawn care, and he has been running our Walker Mower zero-turn mowers for over 22 years now! We are excited to share Gavin’s experience with our Model B Walker Mowers and mulching deck.

Gavin started off using our Grass Handling System (GHS) models in the beginning, including the 21 horsepower and diesel machines. He is now on his third Model B non-collect Walker. He has chosen the dedicated mulching deck option for the Model B Walkers for some very good reasons. Gavin found that our Model B with a dedicated mulching deck was the best choice for his business, and here’s why:


Improved Water Conservation with Mulching Deck

Gavin hails from Townsville, a region that experiences extreme weather conditions, from floods to extreme droughts. Gavin found that the GHS (collection models) machines sucked up so much of the material, it resulted in higher water usage on the lawns in those conditions. Water restrictions are imposed in Townsville due to the droughts they experience, making water conservation crucial.

Gavin found that by using the mulching deck on the Model B, his customers were able to save on water usage, as the mulching decks cut the grass up finer and return it to the soil. This promotes deeper root systems, and results in lower water usage and lower fertilizer usage. Not only does this result in an overall healthier lawn, but it also results in savings for clients as they are utilizing the water they put on their lawn. In addition to saving water, time, and money, mulching also has environmental benefits. By returning grass clippings to the soil, mulching promotes soil health and minimizes green waste, making it an environmentally friendly approach to lawn care. This is a green approach to mowing!


Efficiency and Productivity with Mulching Deck

One of the significant benefits of mulching is efficiency. As a commercial mowing contractor, Gavin doesn’t have to spend time transporting grass clippings to the tip and paying dumping fees since the mulching deck does not collect the clippings. The Model B27i offers particular benefits for Gavin as it is very manoeuvrable, even better than the Walkers that have the GHS at the rear. The mulching deck cuts down on the time of the job, even though most lawns require two passes; it is still quicker than GHS Walkers.

You can calculate your productivity increase when using a Walker Mower by looking at the walker.com productivity calculator: www.walker.com/advantage/productivity/calculator/


Choose Walker Mowers Australia for Your Lawn Care Needs

At Walker Mowers Australia, we take pride in providing versatile lawn care solutions that cater to specific needs. Choosing the right mower for your lawn care business is essential, and that’s where Walker Mowers Australia comes in. Our Model B Walkers are versatile and come with various attachments and features that cater to specific lawn care needs. Our mulching deck is one of the most popular choices among lawn care contractors, thanks to its numerous benefits. Contact us today to take your lawn care business to the next level.