7 ways the Walker Mower will improve your mowing productivity

December 16

Productivity is a buzzword at the moment, especially with a lot of people transitioning to better work life balance… More time focusing on family or whatever is important to you sounds exciting, but the challenge is to keep it productive. 

How do you make yourself more productive by choosing the right mower? We all dream of a perfect finish with minimal time and effort, but how can we actually achieve this in the real world? Believe it or not, overall ground speed is not the one influencing factor.  

Why does mowing productivity matter?

Saving time on every mowing run, whether it be daily, weekly or monthly will put time back into your pocket. This time saved could equate to a higher earning potential (more lawns mowed in a day or week), or more time on the weekend to spend with family / friends / doing the things you love. 

The hard work has already been done:

Check out Walker’s Productivity Calculator. These results were based on two years of comprehensive Property Studies which proved that the front-mount, zero turn Walker Mower is a true, year-round workhorse helping homeowners, contractors and councils stay productive in all seasons.

Here’s 7 ways the Walker Mower will improve your productivity on the job.


Mow your area completely with excellent clearance. Most lawns have areas with low hanging branches, narrow gates, or other obstacles that are difficult to mow. The compact size of the Walker Mower gives you the ability to mow challenging properties easily and efficiently.

With integrated components, the Walker is powerful from the inside out. Walker created the concept of a completely internal Grass Handling System that delivers cut grass and debris from the deck to the catcher box without bulky external components.


The Walker Mower precisely goes where you want it to with little effort, thanks to the operator-friendly combination of finger-tip steering and the Forward Speed Control.
The patented Forward Speed Control takes the effort out of handling a zero-turn mower by setting forward ground speed and acting as a cruise control.
The Walker Mower steering levers have a light and responsive feel. Precise fingertip control makes close trimming and detail mowing easy, requiring less effort compared to lap bars.
The manoeuvrability of the Walker is enhanced by using counterweight springs to reduce weight on the deck caster wheels and tail wheel. Lightly loaded caster wheels allow the drive system to immediately steer, making the Walker responsive and efficient.


The balanced weight distribution, low centre of gravity, and low overall vehicle weight allow the Walker Mower to move efficiently on flat ground and slopes giving your consistent traction no matter the location.
Predictable traction is fundamental to confident operation. Traction is increased when the weight of the mower is concentrated where the drive tires meet the turf. Whether you are mowing on hillsides or making high-speed zero turns, the Walker Mower will provide the traction that allows you to mow with confidence.
Better Traction Through Engineering
The counterweight springs enhance the traction of the Walker by transferring weight from the deck caster wheels and the tail wheel onto the drive tires.


The Walker Mower’s compact size, balance and precision steering and handling produce the agility required to complete tasks quickly.
Navigate contours with speed and precision, pass through gates without changing equipment. Tight corners and low hanging obstacles will not slow the compact Walker Mower down.


Trimming with the Walker Mower’s front-mounted deck is fast, easy, and accurate.
Trim on the Left ?…and the Right. All Walker collection, mulching, and rear discharge decks allow you to trim on both sides. Stay productive in more areas by mowing, not planning out your pattern.
Continuous Forward Motion
More deck overhang outside of the drive tires reduces the effort and time it takes to trim around trees, beds, and other landscape features. The Walker easily and precisely trims more beds and raised obstacles in one pass, saving you time.


The low profile, front-mount deck on the Walker Mower allows operators to trim under low hanging landscape features and split rail fencing.

The front reach on the Walker enables you to mow under, not around. Your trees will love the Walker Mower’s low profile deck. Trimming around and under low hanging branches with a Walker Mower is easy and safe with minimal impact on your landscape. Another distinct productivity advantage is the ability of the front mount deck to reach to the side and do the job where whipper snippers are usually required.


The Walker operator has a complete view of the mower deck and the grass surrounding it. This unrestricted view leads to comfortable, safe operation, and a beautiful cut.
The front-mount deck of the Walker Mower allows you to keep your eyes front and center while operating your mower. Being able to see both the deck overlap area and the end of a row helps produce straight stripes. You can see the area over either tire on a Walker Mower while maintaining a forward facing position. This means the area in front of the mower is still in your peripheral vision keeping you and your surroundings safe. On many mid-mount style machines you have to turn your body and head to extreme angles to see the deck or tire edges. This effectively shrinks the forward view, creating dangerous blind spots in your mowing path.

So, what’s the next step towards increasing mowing productivity? Request a free demo on your property! Experience first hand the fast, easy, beautiful mowing that comes as a package deal with every Walker Mower.